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Wheel Mixer

Production line introduction :

The double shaft mixer has three functions of mixing, transportation, and humidification. It is mainly composed of shell, screw shaft, driving device, cover plate, chain cover, and other components.

Wheel mill mixer

The wheel mill mixer combines the function of milling and mixing, has the dual advantages of wheel milling and mixing. Slag, fly ash, refractory mud, molding sand, and tailing sand are all suitable for wheel mill mixers. The wheel mill mixer is mainly composed of roller wheels, storage tray, outriggers, central shaft, wheel mill support, roller height adjustment device, discharge wrench, discharge baffle, and sealing device, etc. The material is sent to the mixer when operation through the middle of the grinding pan, and under the action of centrifugal action and the scraper, the material enters under the grinding wheel and is crushed and mixed.


1. Low noise and stable operation;

2. Low power consumption and high production efficiency;

3. Simple maintenance, strong sealing, compact structure;

4. No required of large investment and the equipment is stable and reliable.

Technical Parameter:

Model Power (kw) Diameter Capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg) Size (mm)
HSLN-700 4 700mm 500 800 ¢0.7*1.1
HSLN-1600 7.5 1.6m 2000 1500 ¢1.6*1.4
HSLN-1800 15 1.8m 2500 2000 ¢1.8*1.4
HSLN-2000 15 2m 3000 2500 ¢2.0*1.4
HSLN-2500 45 2.5m 4000 3000 ¢2.0*1.8

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