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Hot Air Dryer

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Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturing company combined with scientific research, production, and sales businesses that mainly produces biomass briquette supporting equipment such as charcoal briquette machines, biomass briquette production lines, crushers, carbonization furnace, etc. E.P Machinery company has its own technology research and development team, including the briquetting making machine research and development project department. E.P Machinery has 25 technical research and development personnel, and 8 engineers with doctoral and master degrees. E.P is a professional manufacturer of biomass energy machinery in China that combines research, development, manufacturing, installation and debugging businesses.
Biomass fuel briquettes can be used to replace traditional solid fuels and partly replace traditional liquid gas fuels, such as coal and petroleum. Fuel boilers, gas boilers, and oil-fired boilers can all be replaced with biomass fuel briquettes. After drying and briquetting by the machine, the biological fiber is recombined under high temperature and high pressure without any additives. The regular shaped biomass fuel briquettes produced are of various specifications and can be directly used in boilers and other industrial fields.

Applicable raw materials:

Wood:Wood (such as rubber trees, pine, eucalyptus, willow, acacia), sawdust, wood shavings, and wood chips;
Agricultural waste : husk (such as rice husk, rice bran, wheat husk, etc.), straw (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, canola stalk, cotton stalk, etc.), bagasse, peanut husk, pineapple peel, reed, soybean stalk, etc.
Others : coconut shell, palm fiber, palm kernel shell (PKS), waste paper, grass (such as alfalfa, king grass, elephant grass), moso bamboo, and other biomass waste.

Hot Air Dryer

The Hot Air Dryer is to mix the wet raw materials with the high-temperature airflow, and finally separate the water from the raw materials through the separator. It is widely used for drying wood chips, rice husks, corn stalks, etc. It is mainly composed of air blast stove, spiral feeder, buffer bin, air duct, cyclone dust collector, etc. The wet material and the heated air enter the dryer through the conveyor at the same time. The loose powder or granular materials are dispersed and suspended in the hot air. They are fully mixed, and the moisture is instantly removed during the entrainment process of the airflow. Our airflow dryer can reduce moisture from 40-45% to 8-12%. After passing through the drying pipe, the air and the solid mixture is firstly recovered by the cyclone separator, and then the light powder is separated by the bag filter, and the exhaust gas is evacuated by the induced draft fan.


1. Low cost and good drying performance.

2. Low energy consumption, low noise, easy to install and maintain.

3. Simple structure, small area, easy to build and maintain.

4. High drying strength, high drying efficiency, and large processing capacity.

5. Various heating source options. Users can choose electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, etc. according to their own conditions.

Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Size Weight
HSHG-S01 4kw 300~400kg/h 2440*1230*1900mm 920/960kg
HSHG-S02 7.5+1.5+0.75kw 500~700kg/h Pipe : 2450*1720*1910mm
Square stove : 1450*1420*1410mm
1290/1360kg 820/920kg
HSHG-S03 11+1.05+0.75kw 700~900kg/h Pipe : 2450*1720*1910mm
Square stove : 1450*1420*1410mm
1290/1360kg 820/920kg
HSHG-T01 7.5+1.5kw 400~500kg/h Pipe : 2440*1230*1900mm
Round stove : 1230*1240*1730mm
Square stove : 1400*1300*1400mm
1000/1100kg 400/500kg 820/920kg
HSHG-T02 11+1.5+0.75kw 800~1000kg/h Pipe : 2450*1720*1910mm
Round stove : 1230*1240*1730mm
Square stove : 1420*1420*1410mm
740/800kg 820/920kg 1290/1360kg
HSHG-T03 15+1.5+0.75kw 1000~1200kg/h Pipe : 2450*1750*1910mm
Round stove : 1230*1240*1730mm
Square stove : 1420*1420*1410mm
1290/1360kg 740/800kg 820/920kg

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