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Ring Die Pellet Machine

Production line introduction :

The general production process of wood pellets: Log → Chipping → Drying → Crushing → Pelleting → Cooling And Screening → Packaging Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience in designing large-scale pellet production lines. It is a professional pellet machine manufacturer in design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. E.P Machinery is available to provide you with a complete set of pellet production solutions, including wood chippers, dryers, hammer mill, pellet machines, cooling & screening machines, and packaging machines. E.P Machinery also can provides you customized production, installation, and commissioning services. Besides, we have also established a branch company in Malaysia. All our machines are exported to overseas markets and are welcomed by customers all over the world. The output of our wood pellet production line ranges from 900kg/h-3t/h and can process a variety of different raw materials. The pellets discharged are smooth, and the appearance of the pellets is perfect and beautiful. The following are the suitable raw materials for our wood pellet machine : Hardwood : oak, birch, beech, rubberwood, eucalyptus, pine, and other wood chips; Softwood:Agricultural waste (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk...), chaff (rice husk, rice bran, peanut husk, bagasse, soybean stalk...); Others : waste paper, coconut shell, grass, palm shell, etc.

Ring Die Pellet Machine

Biomass ring die pellet machine is a kind of pellet fuel forming machine which uses corn stalk, straw, hibiscus, sawdust, wood chips, and other agricultural waste as raw materials. The finished pellets can be used as biomass fuel for fireplace, boiler, and power plants. The transmission part uses high-precision gears, the ring die is the quick-release hoop type, and the transmission part of the whole machine uses the high-quality bearings from Switzerland and Japan, which makes the transmission efficient, stable, and low noise. The ring die pellet machine is commonly used for large-scale pellet production is suitable for the production of biomass pellets and feed pellets.


1. Strong bearings, able to resist higher pressure.

2. The temperature generated by the extrusion and friction is hard to transmit to the bearing chamber, ensuring that the lubricating oil does not easily overflow when bearings work at low temperature.

3. The roller can be repaired for 2-3 times, which prolongs the service life, reduces the production cost and increases the profit margin of the project.

4. The machine uses multiple rollers to ensure uniform distribution, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved.

5. The machine has many different molds to make different shapes of pellets, such as round rods (Φ20--Φ30mm), squares (20×30mm), and pellets (1.5-Φ15mm), etc. It enables you to get different shapes of pellets by changing the molds to achieve the best benefits.

6. The pelleting chamber has an observation door for checking, easy for maintaining at any time.

Technical Parameter

Model Power (KW) Capacity(t/h) Ring die inner
diameter (mm)
Roller diameter (mm) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
HSKLH 420 90 0.8-1.2 420 140 3500*1320*2250 3000
HSKLH 508 132 1.5-2 508 160 3500*1470*2350 3500
HSKLH 520 132 1.5-2 520 190 3500*1470*2350 3500
HSKLH 560 90 1-1.5 548 215 2600*1470*2000 4500

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