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Pellets Packing Machine

Production line introduction :

The general production process of wood pellets: Log → Chipping → Drying → Crushing → Pelleting → Cooling and Screening → Packaging Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience in designing large-scale pellet production lines. It is a professional pellet machine manufacturer in design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. E.P Machinery is available to provide you with a complete set of pellet production solutions, including wood chippers, dryers, hammer mill, pellet machines, cooling & screening machines, and packaging machines. E.P Machinery also can provides you customized production, installation, and commissioning services. Besides, we have also established a branch company in Malaysia. All our machines are exported to overseas markets and are welcomed by customers all over the world. The output of our wood pellet production line ranges from 900kg/h-3t/h and can process a variety of different raw materials. The pellets discharged are smooth, and the appearance of the pellets is perfect and beautiful. The following are the suitable raw materials for our wood pellet machine : Hardwood : oak, birch, beech, rubberwood, eucalyptus, pine, and other wood chips; Softwood:Agricultural waste (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk...), chaff (rice husk, rice bran, peanut husk, bagasse, soybean stalk...); Others : waste paper, coconut shell, grass, palm shell, etc.

Packaging machine

The automatic weighing and packaging machine adopts the modular design, vibrating feeding alternative with material weighing, and it is now widely used in animal feed, fertilizer, plastic pellets, seeds, grain, chemical raw materials, etc. Stable and reliable work, high repeated accuracy, low noise. The packaging machine has the functions of real-time weight display, dynamic weighing, automatic error correction, out-of-tolerance alarm, material level control, counting, data protection, and other functions.


Simple and clear digital data display, adjustable packaging specifications, adjustable operating status, and simple operation.

2.Not limited by packaging containers, suitable for occasions where material varieties and packaging specifications often change.

3.Vibrating feeding design, and electronic weighing, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement errors caused by changes in the specific gravity of materials.

4.High precision, fast speed, long life, good stability, manual bagging, automatic measurement.

5.For materials easy to produce dust, the connecting bag can be equipped with a dust removal interface or a dust suction device specially designed by our company.

Technical Parameter

Model Power (kw) Weighing range Precision Capacity Required pressure Size (mm)
HKBZ-25 0.75-1.1 10-50kg/bag ±0.2% 150-220 bags/h 0.4-0.6MPA 1650*800*2350
HKBZ-50 25-50kg/bag 1650*800*2450

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