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Drum Wood Chipper

Production line introduction :

The general production process of wood pellets: Log → Chipping → Drying → Crushing → Pelleting → Cooling and Screening → Packaging Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. has rich experience in designing large-scale pellet production lines. It is a professional pellet machine manufacturer in design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. E.P Machinery is available to provide you with a complete set of pellet production solutions, including wood chippers, dryers, hammer mill, pellet machines, cooling & screening machines, and packaging machines. E.P Machinery also can provides you customized production, installation, and commissioning services. Besides, we have also established a branch company in Malaysia. All our machines are exported to overseas markets and are welcomed by customers all over the world. The output of our wood pellet production line ranges from 900kg/h-3t/h and can process a variety of different raw materials. The pellets discharged are smooth, and the appearance of the pellets is perfect and beautiful. The following are the suitable raw materials for our wood pellet machine : Hardwood : oak, birch, beech, rubberwood, eucalyptus, pine, and other wood chips; Softwood:Agricultural waste (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk...), chaff (rice husk, rice bran, peanut husk, bagasse, soybean stalk...); Others : waste paper, coconut shell, grass, palm shell, etc.

Wood Chipper

Wood chipper is a kind of wood processing machine used to produce wood chips from wood logs. It is mainly composed of a motor engine base, knife roller, feed roller, feed conveying system, hydraulic damping system and electrical control system. It is widely used in the material preparation section of biomass pellets. This machine is mainly used to cut wood logs, big branches, bamboo wood, etc. into wood chips with uniform length and thickness. The size of the wood chips can be adjusted according to the customer's needs, usually 10-30mm.


1. Compact structure, small occupied area, high production efficiency, wide adaptation for raw materials.

2. Good quality of wood chips.

3. Customer can choose the model of wood chippers according to their needs.

Technical Parameter

Model Rotor diameter (mm) Power (kw) Rotating speed Capacity (m3/h) Maximum diameter of raw material (mm) Weight (ton)
HKXP-213 300 45 730 8-16 barks 1.2
HKXP-216 650 55 590 10-18 120 4.07
HKXP-218 800 110 650 15-20 160 7
HKXP-218D 800 132 650 30-40 160 8
HKXP-2110 1000 220 550 60-75 190 12.5

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