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Biomass Briquette Machine

The typical production process of biomass briquette making machine:

Hammer mill → Hot Air Dryer → Biomass briquette making machine → Carbonization furnace
Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturing company combined with scientific research, production, and sales businesses that mainly produces biomass briquette supporting equipment such as charcoal briquette machines, biomass briquette production lines, crushers, carbonization furnace, etc. E.P Machinery company has its own technology research and development team, including the briquetting making machine research and development project department. E.P Machinery has 25 technical research and development personnel, and 8 engineers with doctoral and master degrees. E.P is a professional manufacturer of biomass energy machinery in China that combines research, development, manufacturing, installation and debugging businesses.
Biomass fuel briquettes can be used to replace traditional solid fuels and partly replace traditional liquid gas fuels, such as coal and petroleum. Fuel boilers, gas boilers, and oil-fired boilers can all be replaced with biomass fuel briquettes. After drying and briquetting by the machine, the biological fiber is recombined under high temperature and high pressure without any additives. The regular shaped biomass fuel briquettes produced are of various specifications and can be directly used in boilers and other industrial fields.

Applicable raw materials:

Wood:Wood (such as rubber trees, pine, eucalyptus, willow, acacia), sawdust, wood shavings, and wood chips;
Agricultural waste : husk (such as rice husk, rice bran, wheat husk, etc.), straw (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, canola stalk, cotton stalk, etc.), bagasse, peanut husk, pineapple peel, reed, soybean stalk, etc.
Others : coconut shell, palm fiber, palm kernel shell (PKS), waste paper, grass (such as alfalfa, king grass, elephant grass), moso bamboo, and other biomass waste.

Wood Briquette Machine

Biomass briquette making machine is widely used to make all kinds of wood fiber-containing forest wastes, crop wastes, etc., into combustible wood briquettes by hot pressing and without adding any adhesive. The product has the characteristics of high density, small size, and good combustibility, and can replace fuelwood and coal. The finished briquettes can be directly burned for fuel, or they can be further carbonized into high-quality charcoal briquettes through a carbonization furnace. The shape of the briquettes are generally square or hexagonal, and they can also be customized into other shapes according to customer’s requirements.


1. With an electronic control panel instead of pointer type panel, more accurate and easier to operate.

2. Specially designed plug to ensure the safety and convenience of the operation process.

3. Newly designed machine cover can prevent dust from falling into the machine and protect the safety of workers.

4. All molds are made of high-quality alloy steel. The screw is made of 40Cr material, which has better hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and longer lifespan.

5. Unique heating method ensures the machine be heated up within 10-20 minutes, and maintains the working temperature always at a high level.

6. Equipped with an upgraded closed outlet, which is convenient for workers to collect briquettes, and can be connected to pipes to release the smoke generated during operation to the outside, which is very environmentally friendly.

Technical Parameter

HSZB01 15+9 320rpm 220-260 40-50 1510*1000*1025mm 560kg
HSZB02 18.5+9 320rpm 280-350 60-80 1610*1100*1050mm 650kg
HSZB03 22+9 320rpm 380-450 60-90 1800*1100*1250mm 700kg

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