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Hammer Mill

Typical wood pellet production process:

Hammer Mill→Airflow Dryer→Sawdust Pellet Machine→Cooling & Screening Machine→Packaging Machine
Zhengzhou E.P Machinery Co., Ltd. is a machinery manufacturing company in the production and trading business and has rich experience in designing and manufacturing pellet production lines. Our factory can produce all the equipment related to the wood pellet production line, which includes hammer mills, airflow dryers, flat die wood pellet machines, cooling & screening machine, and packaging machine. Our company not only provides evaluation, customization, installation, and commissioning services but also a very complete after-sales service to ensure that the wood pellet production line achieves the highest production efficiency and customers can get the best economic benefits.

Applicable raw materials:

Our company's pellet production line can process a variety of biomass materials. You can choose the most economical raw materials according to the application and price. The following are suitable feeding raw materials.
Wood:Wood (such as rubber trees, pine, eucalyptus, willow, acacia), sawdust, wood shavings, and wood chips;
Agricultural waste : husk (such as rice husk, rice bran, wheat husk, etc.), straw (such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, canola stalk, cotton stalk, etc.), bagasse, peanut husk, pineapple peel, reed, soybean stalk, etc.
Others : coconut shell, palm fiber, palm kernel shell (PKS), waste paper, grass (such as alfalfa, king grass, elephant grass), moso bamboo, and other biomass waste.

Hammer Mill

Hammer mills are widely used for wood crushing, such as wood branches, wood chips, leaves, rice husks, cotton stalks, coconut shells, lump charcoal, etc. It produces strong impact and friction on the materials by its high-speed rotating hammers. It has the characteristics of simple structure, wide versatility, strong adaptability and high production efficiency. The hammer mill is mainly composed of a base, rotor, an upper casing, and a feed guide plate, etc. When operating, the raw materials enter the machine through the top, and into the crushing chamber from the left and right through the feed guide plate. Under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer and the friction of the sieve plate, the materials are gradually crushed, and passes through the screen holes and discharged from the base outlet. The crushed materials are less than 5mm, which are very suitable for the further processing of the wood briquetting and pelleting machines.


1. Equipped with a cyclone dust collector, more environmentally friendly.

2. Uniform hammer plate, without deviation.

3. Reasonably designed hammers, the crushed material is finer and more uniform, not easy to cause internal fragmentation.

4. The hammer, lining plate, and impact plate are made of wear-resistant alloy material, which make sure it has longer service life.

5. Low and large feeding mouth, convenient to feed materials and install the production line.

6. Approve by dynamic balance test, no vibration.

Technical Parameter

Model Power Capacity Weight Size
HSCP-E158 2.2kw 80~150kg/h 75/85kg 750x450x730mm
HSCP-E198 4kw 100~300kg/h 120/140kg 900x580x1020mm
HSCP-E420 7.5kw 300~600kg/h 225/255kg 1120x820x1070mm
HSCP-E420 11kw 400~700 kg/h 260/290kg 1120x820x1070mm
HSCP-E500 22kw 800~1000kg/h 600/630kg 1240x970x1060mm
HSCP-E550 30kw 1000~1200kg/h 630/660kg 1300x970x1150mm
HSCP-E600 48.5kw 1200~1500kg/h 650/700kg 1660x1200x1700mm

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