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Indonesian clients visit our shisha charcoal production line

December 13 , 2022

On August 2, 2019, Indonesian customers came to the E.P factory in Anyang City for a visit. The customer owns his BBQ charcoal business. In recent years, shisha also known as hookah, has spread from the Arab region to Indonesia. Shisha becomes more and more popular in Indonesia and the consumption is increasing. As the fuel for igniting hookah, shisha charcoal briquettes’ market demand is also growing. Our clients had done the market research before they made the decision to invest in a shisha charcoal briquette production line. After a long-time communication, the clients chose our company as his partner.

Accompanied by working staff, Indonesian customers visited the charcoal powder briquette production line. Then they did a run test with our production line. The clients were satisfied with the test result.

Three-layer rotary carbonization furnace: it consist of three layers, inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. This equipment is high-output. What’s more, the main part of the rotary carbonation furnace is made of stainless steel, so its service life is long. Next, our sales manager introduced other equipment in the production line to the clients in detail.

After the visit, the customers had a better understanding of our company’s shisha charcoal briquette production line. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on further cooperation and reached preliminary cooperation intentions. At the same time, we communicated and discussed according to the needs and requirements of clients, and developed a suitable plan for the customer. Finally, they signed the purchase contract with us.


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