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Customers from Bahrain visited our factory and successfully ordered charcoal extruder machines and carbonization furnaces.

April 30 , 2024

Customers from Bahrain visited our company last Friday, and they conducted a detailed visit to our factory. During this period, they learned in detail about the research and development, production process and application of our factory’s charcoal extruder machines and carbonization furnaces.

During the communication, Bahrain customers spoke highly of our sophisticated equipment technology and professional service team. They said that our factory’s charcoal extruder machine has advanced design and is easy to operate, which can effectively improve production efficiency; the carbonization furnace has stable performance and high yield, which meets their production needs.

After in-depth discussion and comparison, the Bahrain customer decided to order our charcoal extruder machine and carbonization furnace. They believe that this is not only a strong support for their own business development, but also a high recognition of our factory’s technology and services.

This cooperation not only strengthens our friendly relations with customers in Bahrain, but also opens up a broader international market for us. We look forward to having more opportunities in the future to share our technological achievements with friends around the world and create a better future together.

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